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Nevada’s coronavirus spike could impact Las Vegas Raiders

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Nevada sets single-day record for new cases on Thursday

Oakland Raiders Media Day - The Grove Hotel
Photo by Steven Paston/PA Images via Getty Images

Concerning data was released on Thursday about Nevada’s rising coronavirus numbers that could impact when the Las Vegas Raiders start training camp.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the state has set a new record for coronavirus cases, with the biggest one-day increase in new cases totaling 1,447.

That sobering news came hours after a study was released on the 32 NFL markets and how it relates to rising coronavirus cases. Las Vegas, where the Raiders are set to begin play this season, is ranked sixth on the list in terms of rising cases.

These worrisome numbers could have a direct effect on the Raiders. Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported that the NFLPA is concerned about teams located in coronavirus “hot spots” in terms of starting training camp on time. With the new data, Las Vegas has to be considered as a hot spot for the virus.

The league hopes all teams will start training camp July 28, which is less than two weeks away. The Raiders are set to hold training camp at their new facility in Henderson, Nevada. However, with the rising cases in Nevada, it is very possible there could be a delay to the start of camp.