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Las Vegas Raiders are overtime superstars

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They have won seven straight games in OT

NFL: SEP 30 Browns at Raiders
Raiders, Browns 2018
Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you are familiar with Josh Dubow of the Associated Press, you know he is quite the stat machine.

Dubow, who, believe or not, is a quite a nice guy, often gets under the skin of Raiders fans with not-so flattering stats about them. But the truth is, there is going be more negative data than not on a team that has had just one winning season since 2003.

However, Dubow threw a bone to the Raider Nation this week with a positive stat and it’s a cool one.

So, the Raiders are indeed No. 1 in something. Who knew after all these painful seasons, the simple formula to victory for the Silver and Black is to get to the 61st minute?

All kidding aside, this random stat is pretty interesting. What does it mean? Who knows, but let’s celebrate it.

Here are the Magnificent Seven overtime wins:

Season Opponent Score

2018 Cleveland 45-42

2016 @ Tampa Bay 30-24

2015 San Diego 23-20

2012 Jacksonville 26-23

2011 @ Kansas City 16-13

2010 Kansas City 23-20

2008 New York Jets 16-13 `