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Silver Minings: Raiders scheduled to report to NFL training camp by July 28

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Rookies are set to report on Tuesday, July 21

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Oakland Raiders Training Camp Napa Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

Players are scheduled to report to LA Raiders training camp as early as Tuesday, July 21. Rookies will report on Tuesday, with quarterbacks and injured players reporting on Thursday, July 23.

The remaining players will report to camp on Tuesday, July 28.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the Raiders were scheduled to hold their training camp in Napa, California. As I talked about in my article yesterday, it made sense ... well, because you know, it’s so damn hot in Las Vegas.

However, the NFL said that due to the pandemic, teams must hold their training camps in their home markets. So, they’ll be practicing at their new facility in Henderson, Nevada.

Here are the latest rules in regards to training camp.

As the tweet mentions, there will be limits on how players are allowed in the facility at once. Players have yet to agree to health and safety protocols for handling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If these protocols aren’t met, the NFL Players Association could file a potential grievance.

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