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Silver Minings: PFF likes Raiders’ backup quarterback situation

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Marcus Mariota is good security blanket

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NFL: AFC ChamMarcus Mariotapionship-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs
Marcus Mariota
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

No matter if Marcus Mariota makes a real run to take Derek Carr’s job this season, the Raiders’ decision to sign the veteran this offseason is being recognized as a smart move.

Pro Football Focus (PFF) ranked the NFL backup quarterback situations across the league — the Las Vegas Raiders are in the second tier and ranked sixth overall. That is an excellent position for them to be in. Backup quarterback, of course, is a pivotal position. If Carr gets hurt, the Raiders can plug in the former Tennessee Titans’ starter and feel pretty good about competing without Carr. Not every team can say that if their starting quarterback goes down with an injury.

Securing Mariota was a priority for the Raiders this offseason. They are paying him at the top of pay scale for backups. Clearly, the Raiders saw the value in Mariota and feel good about it.

This ranking shows why that was a good decision.

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