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Silver Minings: Life on the road is going to be weird in 2020 NFL season

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League has new restrictions all team personnel and players while traveling

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-Minicamp
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, we talked to longtime NFL agent David Canter about his concerns regarding teams traveling this season. He saw what happened this week with the Miami Marlins in MLB and he fears it can happen again. Canter wants all NFL travel to occur in one day to avoid hotel stays.

That is going to be near impossible for most of the Raiders’ travel this season, so they are going to have to deal with hotel and other travel realities during the coronavirus pandemic ... and it won’t be anything like what they are used to. Sports Illustrated reported some of the league’s plans for teams on the road.

All team traveling personnel will be banned from working out in hotel gyms, going to restaurants and bars, and taking Uber rides.

Of course, these are inconveniences that won’t affect the play on the field during road games, but it does illustrate how different this season will be for the Raiders and all teams.

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