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Raiders rookie Henry Ruggs III details his recovery from moving ‘mishap’

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Raiders’ top 2020 draft pick is ready to contribute: “I feel totally like myself, if not better”

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Henry Ruggs
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Henry Ruggs III is ready to hit the field for the Las Vegas Raiders and his scary moving accident is fully behind him.

Ruggs — the No. 12 overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft — and the Raiders got a scare when he suffered a thigh cut in a freak accident in June. Ruggs, the fastest player in this year’s draft, has now been cleared and is ready to go.

The Raiders are planning to use the Alabama product a lot as a rookie, even though many people around the league believe young players will suffer because of the lack of offseason work and the cancellation of the preseason.

“I feel totally like myself, if not better. I’m doing everything to the best of my ability,” Ruggs said in a conference call with media members on Thursday. “Haven’t felt any pain. Haven’t felt any discomfort in anything so I feel like I’m back and ready to go.”

Ruggs admitted he was initially worried after the accident, but he now feels completely caught up now that training camp is starting.

“When it happened, of course at first you think of the worst, but after I went and saw the doctors and things like that, they told me what was going on,” Ruggs said. “They gave me the breakdown and told me pretty much that I’ll be back to 100% in no time ... kind of being a hard head, I tried to do more than the doctors said I could do or what I should do, and that only helped speed up the process. But now, like I said, I’m back feeling 100%. I feel like I’m behind in no way.”

The injury kept Ruggs from participating in all of the player-led workouts this spring in Las Vegas, but he did attend some workouts and he feels like it will help get ready for the season quicker.

“I got ahead on the playbook,” Ruggs said. “I kind of was ahead on the install. That way when you got out on the field and actually did it does help besides just thinking about it and actually work it out.”