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Allegiant is ready for its team

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It is now up to the Raiders to make it a home

NFL: Raiders Relocate to Las Vegas Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The construction of Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Raiders in Las Vegas, is being completed on Friday with the “keys” being handed over to the team this afternoon. Even in the face of a global pandemic, workers did complete the job prior to what would have been the Raiders first preseason game.

Instead, Las Vegas’ first scheduled home game is Monday, Sept. 21 against the New Orleans Saints. Though it is unlikely that there will be any fans at the game, ESPN is reportedly set to announce a new Monday Night Football broadcast team of Steve Levy, Louis Reddick, and Brian Griese, so that’s something to monitor at Allegiant that night.

Built with a projected price take of $1.9 billion, less than half that of the new SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park in Carson, California, for the Rams and Chargers though the Raiders were involved in the early talks of that instead of the team from San Diego, Allegiant has been a three-year project now at its completion.

The stadium features a dome, a retractable field that will allow it to get sun when not being played on, an 85-foot torch monument to Al Davis, and fits up to 72,000.