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How latest coronavirus-related NFL news impacts the Raiders

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No preseason games and no 11-on-11 work during camp are among the possibilities

Raiders practice

With the Las Vegas Raiders and the rest of the NFL scheduled to start full-team training camp in 22 days, news and developments are happening every day as the league adjusts to and prepares for life in the coronavirus pandemic.

Jon Gruden and the other head coaches will meet virtually later today to discuss the situation, according to ESPN.

Let’s catch up with developments over the weekend:

  • No preseason: The NFL Network reported that players have voted not to play any preseason games. The preseason slate was trimmed from four to two games last week. We will see what happens here in the coming weeks.
  • No 11-on-11 in training camp: Players don’t want full-unit scrimmages during camp. Coaches will not like that. If there are no preseason games and no 11-on-11 work, the first few games of the regular season are going to be interesting to say the least. The rust factor will be real. Dominant players are going to rule games even more than they do normally.
  • No mandatory hotels: The players oppose an NFL plan that calls for mandatory hotel stay during training camp. The Raiders will be holding their training camp at their new facility in Henderson, Nevada. In normal years, even teams that train at home, have their rookies stay in a hotel during camp. Veteran players want to return to their family every night.
  • No in-person meetings: The players don’t want any meetings to be in person during camp and they want virtual meetings like in the offseason. Again, whatever is going to happen is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen before.