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Silver Minings: PFF ranks Raiders’ offensive line as 11th best in the NFL

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Good line play is key to Raiders’ 2020 success

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Raiders’ offensive line
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Pro Football Focus did an extensive look at each offensive line in the NFL. The analytics-based website ranked the Las Vegas Raiders with the 11th best offensive line in the league.

You can complain that they should be a top-10 unit, but the point is, the numbers suggest the Raiders have an upper-level offensive line. I think the most important aspect of this story is that most of the teams ranked ahead of the Raiders made the playoffs last season and are expected to be contenders again this season.

Good teams usually have good offensive lines. The Raiders should be in solid shape there. They have a veteran unit that is well paid. If the Raiders get good health on the line, it will go a long way in this team being the playoff contender it believes it will be.

So, whether the Raiders are ranked No. 1, No. 5 or No. 11 by PFF, the only thing that matters is that the unit helps win games in 2020.

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