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Silver Minings: Raiders face college scouting challenge ahead of 2021 NFL draft

Teams and draft prospects will have to get creative now the 2020 college football season is in major jeopardy

NFL Combine - Day 1
Mike Mayock
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

While they have their hands full with trying to get the 2020 NFL season going during the coronavirus pandemic, now teams have to deal with the uncertainty of how to scout for the 2021 draft.

With major conferences already postponing the football season until the spring, the entire 2020 college season is in jeopardy. That means NFL teams are going to have to get quite creative in scouting for the 2021 draft. At least, one team is already pondering it.

Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst told reporters he thinks there should be some type of combine in December to help scout for the next draft. So, yes, while the NFL season, hopefully, is in the stretch run, they will already be scouting for the April draft.

Also, Gutekunst said most of the Packers’ scouting will be conducted by using 2019 game film. That will help some, but with many college players making big strides as juniors and seniors, studying just their early college film isn’t optimal. Plus, the players will be rusty when they do get drafted.

Again, the biggest current problem for NFL teams is making sure a season happens, before then facing the draft issue. In short, football will not be normal until, at least, after the 2021 draft. Surely, this is already on the mind of Raiders’ general manager Mike Mayock. What a mess.

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