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Raiders’ Twitter account gets under skin of Chiefs fans

 Apparently, no one can use the phrase “run it back”

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
Chiefs’ fans
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The social media police are real and the Kansas City precinct is blowing its siren on the Raiders’ official Twitter account.

What was simply supposed to be a hype video tweet for Raiders fans to mark the beginning padded practices Monday morning got the Raiders in hot water with supporters of AFC West rival — and defending Super Bowl champions — the Kansas City Chiefs.

Cool, innocent stuff, right? Well, it was the caption for the tweet that fired up fans in Kansas City: “Ready to run it back.”

“Run it back” has been a rallying cry of Chiefs’ players this offseason. Basically, they’re saying they’re ready to defend their Super Bowl crown. Fans dig it and why not? After winning their first Super Bowl in 50 years, the Chiefs and their fans deserve to soak it all in.

But, many Chiefs fans decided to ridicule the Raiders and their fans for the use of those three little words and went on the offense about the tweet.

I have advice to Chiefs fans: Settle down a little. It’s no biggie.

I also have advice to Raiders fans who may be offended by the fact that Chiefs fans are offended: Go beat them this year.

Nothing shuts up a fan base like defeat.