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Silver Minings: Hunter Renfrow named Raiders’ secret weapon

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He had a solid rookie campaign in 2020

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Bleacher Report posted an article on Saturday ranking every team’s secret weapon. For the Raiders? They gave the honor to second-year wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. He may not be the most exciting receiver that Derek Carr has to throw to, however you can make the case he’s the most valuable.

After being a fifth-round pick in 2019, Renfrow surprised fans with his stellar play as a rookie. During his rookie campaign, Renfrow finished with 49 catches, 605 receiving yards and four touchdowns. He did so in only 13 games, starting only four games.

Many expect Renfrow to take a leap during his sophomore campaign and improve on those numbers. While he’s likely not going to be the No. 1 option for Carr, he can very easily put together a Pro Bowl kind of season in 2020, assuming he’s able to stay healthy.

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