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Raiders keep social justice issues at forefront of conversation: ‘Everyone sees the priority of it’

Las Vegas had walk-through practice Thursday, but wide receiver Zay Jones says Jon Gruden has done a great job handling the situation

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

While many NFL teams canceled practice on Thursday as many sports teams took time away from either games or practices because of the social injustice issues in the United States, the Raiders conducted a walk-through practice that morning — but also spent time focusing on off-field concerns, the Las Vega Review Journal reported.

On Wednesday, Raiders’ wide receiver Zay Jones said coach Jon Gruden has made sure the team has kept conversations going about the current the social issues occurring across the country.

“I think our team has done a great job, starting with Coach Gruden, on handling those situations,” Jones said. “We had Zoom talk meetings together over the summer on the importance of it. Everyone sees the priority of it.

I won’t go into great detail. It’s just sad and it’s a tragedy of what’s going on and what’s happening right now. Prayers to those people who are affected by it. We are all affected by it in a sense. I think the greatest thing is unity, come together and continue to have those conversations on ways to help.”

As the Raiders continue to discuss these issues, their Twitter account supported some of their players by retweeting important messages on Thursday.