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Silver Minings: Which Raiders are headed to Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Two current Raiders players get HoF consideration from ESPN

Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders
Jason Witten
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

You ever wonder which current Las Vegas Raiders will end up in Canton?

ESPN did and it’s pretty interesting. Football savant Bill Barnwell looked at all 32 current NFL rosters to see which players are on their way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Check it out here.

For the Raiders, Barnwell has tight end Jason Witten was a lock. Of course, Witten is on his way to Canton, but it’s for his work with the Dallas Cowboys. He joined the Raiders this offseason and while Jon Gruden has plans for Witten, he won’t be remembered post-retirement for his time in Las Vegas.

Barnwell also considers center Rodney Hudson. He is great, but it’s tough for centers to make it, so it might be rocky road for Hudson.

Barnwell doesn’t consider any other Raiders. He’s probably right. Perhaps some of the young Raiders will become that type of player, but we will need several years of dominant performances before considering that. Your thoughts?

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