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Lincoln Kennedy to Derek Carr: ‘Put up or shut up, no more excuses’

Raiders’ radio analyst has pointed comments about Las Vegas QB and head coach Jon Gruden

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Derek Carr
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Derek Carr proclaimed this week that he is “tired of being disrespected,” well, he may have a bone to pick with a fellow Las Vegas Raiders’ employee.

Appearing on CBS Radio on The Zach Gelb Show, the former Raiders’ standout tackle and current radio analyst Lincoln Kennedy was asked about Carr’s statement. Kennedy did not hold back.

“I would say to him if he was here in my face and he said that, I would tell him right now, ‘If you’re tired of being disrespected, play better,’” Kennedy said without hesitation. “It’s that simple … He’s got all the weapons in front of him. He’s got an offensive line, he’s got a run game, he’s got a receiving corps ... It’s time to put up or shut up, no more excuses.”

NFL: SEP 09 Broncos at Raiders
Lincoln Kennedy
Photo by Larry Placido/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Raiders have added pieces around Carr to make him better. Kennedy made a pointed comment that he feels like Carr has already had that opportunity prior to this season.

“(Carr) had it in his mind that the talent wasn’t there for him, when in actuality it was,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy went on to say that Carr isn’t the same as he was prior to his 2016 broken ankle, he has relied too much on check downs and that Carr needs to make better decisions.

Ouch, Carr has already suffered his first sack of the 2020 season.

The brutally-honest Kennedy also had some thoughts on head coach Jon Gruden’s decision to trick players into believing he tested positive for the coronavirus at the start of training camp. Reportedly, Gruden was trying to make the point that anyone can test positive at any time and players need to be ready.

Kennedy said Gruden’s tactic wasn’t “necessarily a good idea” to “toy” with such a serious situation.

Kennedy’s interview wasn’t completely salty. He expects a big second season by running back Josh Jacobs and he think the Raiders have a chance to go 10-6 with the way their schedule is set up.

So, yes, it’s time to put up or shut up.