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Raiders podcast: How to beat New England

Some Saints’ talk and moving on to the Patriots

New England Patriots Vs. Seattle Seahawks at Centurylink Field
Cam Newton
Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Our mid-week Raiders’ podcast dropped and we wrapped up the great win over New Orleans on Monday night before turning our attention to the New England Patriots.

We discussed how it simply doesn’t matter how far Derek Carr’s throws are (or aren’t) traveling. As long as the points are piling up and as long as the Raiders are dominating the time of possession, those sort of metrics are meaningless.

Looking ahead to New England, we stress the importance of Jon Gruden keeping up with Bill Belichick on the sidelines. If not, we could see Cam Newton having a big day and the New England defense finding a way to contain the Raiders’ potent offense.

You can listen here: