How do you feel after seeing this Derek Carr interview regarding New England loss

Injuries require rest to heal properly, example Arnette. Playing with injuries risk more serious damage and we don't want that. So rest injured players until after bye.

Heres Link to our QB interview

This has really been a tough start for the Raiders and yet were 2 & 1. Injuries have caused many teams to make drastic changes.

We have not adapted well with the loss of so many starters and reserve players. Next man up is easier said than done.

The one constant is our Defense. It has not changed in spite of the many free agents and draft picks. Players are suppose to be better but in this system they underachieve. After 3 years Gunther's needs to adjust his system to take advantage of these good players we signed.

Talent is there but Coaching seems to be lacking. If I'm wrong then its on the free agent players we picked, traded and drafted. If thats true whose to blame?

Alls not lost even if we lose next 2 games as schedule after bye has many games we win with our players back.