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Next round of comment updates

NFL Fan Fest CDMX Photo by Hector Vivas/LatinContent via Getty Images

Only a few more days until the NFL season starts!

Thank you

First, a special thanks to the folks participating in our feedback group - it’s been very helpful and exciting. If you haven’t yet joined yet, but want to be part of the process as we evolve the commenting platform, please sign up to join our feedback group.

And secondly, we’ve had so many of you create your own mockups, email in your designs, spend a lot of time and thought and effort to help us improve the community platform,. We want to thank you all, we have read every one of your emails, every one of your posts, and clicked through every one of your designs and prototypes. And we’re using these to continue to make improvements.

The latest

  • Last week, as promised, we brought back comments for Fanposts and Fanshots
  • We also did some UI and design upgrades based on your feedback
  • And we fixed that annoying bug that redirects you to the homepage when you try and Rec or Reply to a comment if you’re not already signed in

What’s new

  • We’ve rolled out some readability improvements, we will continue to gather feedback and make improvements here, but this is a start:
  • The number of new comments show on the comment counts on homepages and article pages
  • Shortcut “c” takes you to the next comment
  • Shortcut “Shift + c” takes you to the previous comment
  • For “Oldest first” sort, we’ve moved the comment box to the bottom
  • We’ve added more replies showing by default, so you don’t have to click so much to view all the comments you want
  • We also now show you how many online comment readers there are on the comment thread you’re on
  • And, last but not least, we’ve brought back the “sarcasm” font (Awesome.)

What’s coming up next

  • Continued focused efforts and improvements reading experience, new comment reading experience, and game thread experience

Troubleshooting help

If you are having an issue with comments displaying or trouble signing in, or if you want to report an error or bug, we can help you, email us.