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Raiders 2020 practice squad tracker

Keeping tabs on who Vegas is looking to hold on their 16-man practice squad

Penn State v Minnesota

Who are the Las Vegas Raiders signing to their practice squad? We’ll keep tabs here. Teams can now keep 16 players on the practice squad, including up to six veterans with any amount of NFL experience. The Raiders will be keeping many of their cuts from Saturday and I wouldn’t expect many young players to be switching teams without some previous experience with a member of that coaching staff.

Nick Bowers, TE

Javin White, LB

Kaamal Seymour, OL

More rules:

Below are the players who are eligible to be added to practice squad rosters:

Players who do not have an accrued season of NFL experience (rookies)

Players who were on the active list for fewer than nine regular-season games during their only accrued season(s)

Up to four players per team who have earned no more than two accrued seasons (no game limitations)

Up to two (six in 2020) players per team with no limitations as to their number of earned accrued seasons