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Silver Minings: Derek Carr is ‘tired of the talk’

Raiders’ QB addressed his disrespect in radio interview

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Derek Carr
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Last month, Derek Carr said he was tired of being “disrespected.”

This week, he addressed the subject again on Mad Dog Radio.

Asked by host Adam Schein about the subject, Carr said his critics are people who don’t know what’s going on and he said he is “tired of the talk. I’m just ready to play.”

It’s clear Carr — entering his seventh season as the Raiders’ starting quarterback — has grown tired of endlessly hearing people say the Raiders should replace him. He is focused on playing well and if the disrespect motivates him and helps him improve, that will only benefit the Raiders. Sometimes having a mad quarterback isn’t the worst thing in the world and clearly Carr has a chip on his shoulder going into this season.

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