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Raiders running back Josh Jacobs charged with traffic violation - but not DUI - in Las Vegas

This is good news for both Jacobs and the team

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders
Josh Jacobs
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas Raiders star running back Josh Jacobs received major legal news on Monday as his attorneys announced that he was charged with a traffic violation but not drunk driving stemming from a single-car accident early last Monday.

Last week, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department announced that they had arrested Jacobs for alleged DUI and he was booked into the Clark County Detention Center. Jacobs was checked at a local hospital for minor injuries suffered in the accident that occurred just hours after he helped the team win their season finale in Denver.

Immediately, Jacobs’ attorneys said he was not actually charged with DUI and if he was subsequently, then Jacobs would plead not guilty.

Now, Jacobs, 22, is cleared of the much more serious charge. The NFL usually doesn’t discipline players for traffic violations if the driver was not impaired — so, Jacobs will very likely avoid a suspension and he will not go into the league’s substance abuse program for the arrest.

Clearly, this was the desired outcome for both Jacobs and for the franchise as they enter the offseason.