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Silver Minings: AFC is dominated by young quarterbacks

Another reason why Las Vegas defense must improve

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders
Patrick Mahomes
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’re going to see history during the NFL divisional playoff round this coming weekend, as pointed out by the Associated Press.

For the first time ever, one conference (the AFC) will have four teams quarterbacked by players 25 years old or younger. They are Patrick Mahomes (25) of the Kansas City Chiefs, Baker Mayfield (25) of the Cleveland Browns, Lamar Jackson (24) of the Baltimore Ravens, and Josh Allen (24) of the Buffalo Bills.

That is an amazing example of how well so many teams in the AFC are set up for the future — and means that none of them are going to go away anytime soon.

For the Las Vegas Raiders, it is also an urgent reminder that they must get their defense fixed soon. Not only is Mahomes in the AFC West, but Los Angeles Chargers rookie Justin Herbert is a stud, too.

The AFC is going to see good quarterback play for a long time.

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