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My thoughts on Mark Davis buying the Las Vegas Aces

There’s meaning to Davis buying a WNBA team

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Mark Davis
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

While I was off Thursday, news broke that Raiders owner Mark Davis bought the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA. I found it to be extremely interesting and I have some thoughts I wanted to express.

So let’s go:

Dad would be proud:
Those who knew Al Davis well knew he loved women’s basketball. He loved it. He was a big fan of the NCAA Women’s Tournament, watching as many games as he could. He’s smiling now that the sport is part of the family business.

Mr. Vegas:
The purchase further entrenches Davis in the Las Vegas sports landscape. Davis is a big player in the city, whereas he was never a big factor in the Bay Area. Now Davis is a real influencer in the Vegas sports scene as the owner two separate sports franchises. It will be interesting to see if he expands his business ventures in Las Vegas as he’s no longer just the owner of the Raiders to the local economy and to the sports world at large, and that’s significant.

Davis has plenty of money:
There was always talk Davis was the “poorest” NFL owner and as such, money was always a factor when it came to signing bonuses. The move to Vegas changes things financially for him and this purchase is the most significant manifestation of his new status.