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Explaining what Tuesday’s Pro Football Hall of Fame vote means to Charles Woodson and Tom Flores

The results are not expected to be announced today

Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers
Charles Woodson
Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame will be determined on Tuesday, but don’t expect any official announcement today.

Therefore, the wait for Raiders’ legends Charles Woodson and Tom Flores will last a little longer.

Normally, the voting committee decides the class the day before the Super Bowl and it is announced that same day. But because of the coronavirus, the committee instead met virtually on Tuesday. The plan is for the class to be announced at a later date — although, the final five finalists from the modern-day nominees may be announced soon or even today.

Hall of Fame president David Baker is famous for knocking on the hotel room doors of newly-elected Hall of Fame members.

Footage when Tim Brown was informed in person by Pro Football HOF president David Baker that he was official ...

Posted by TIM BROWN #81 on Monday, June 29, 2015

A current plan, according to a Hall of Fame source, is that Baker will go to the homes of each newly-elected member of the Hall of Fame in the next couple of weeks.

Fully expect Woodson to get a knock on his front door as along with quarterback Peyton Manning, Woodson is considered a lock to make the Hall of Fame.

Flores, the lone coaching candidate, is in his own category and he needs 80% of the vote. He too is expected to be elected.

“It would be an unbelievable upset if Flores doesn’t get in,” one Hall of Fame voter told Silver and Black Pride. “He’s in his own category.”

So while we don’t know exactly when we will hear the results of Tuesday’s vote ... it’s coming at some point soon.