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Is Josh McCown really ready to be an NFL head coach?

Former Raiders quarterback interviews for Houston Texans’ job

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders
Josh McCown

There’s a Raiders’ connection to the wildest NFL news of the day.

Word has broke that the Houston Texans, who are conducting one of the messiest head-coaching searches of all-time, have interviewed Josh McCown for their open position.

Yes, Josh McCown, the quarterback who has never coached in the NFL or college level.

McCown, 41, is highly respected throughout the NFL for his knowledge of the game and for the quality person he is. To know Josh McCown is to love him. He played for the Raiders in 2007 and was revered for his passion and how bright he was.

However, this news is stunning. For McCown to get an NFL interview at the highest coaching level with zero experience is wild and it is getting people riled up around the league.

The NFL has a minority coaching dearth and the Houston job is the final opening in this cycle. if McCown gets hired over someone like Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is not going to sit well with many people, including me, for what it’s worth.

This news is not even a couple of hours old and it is already being widely panned.

The criticism will only get louder if McCown actually gets this job. It’s not his fault, of course. He may end up being a great NFL head coach, but let’s get him some experience as an assistant coach first, please. The blame is all on the Houston brass, which has been making one silly decision after another all offseason.