Would you consider an offensive player with the first pick?

Just out of curiosity, how pissed would you be if the raiders took an offensive player with their first overall pick. I have been playing around with the profootballnetwork simulator and of my first 3 mocks there was always an offensive player I loved that somehow fell to the raiders that seemed too good to resist.

First time it was Jamarr Chase. I fought the urge and traded back with washington to pick 19. They took Jamarr, I took Christian Barrmore and their 3rd round pick.

Second time it was Christian Darrisaw OT. Maybe it was my frustration with Brown, but this time I couldn't resist. I took him over the other 2 prospects I was eyeing, Barmore and Owosu. But I was able to nab Jaelan Phillips EDGE, Washington S, and Twyman DT with my next 3 picks.

Third time it was Devonta Smith and I couldn't help myself and took him over Barmore and Rousseau.

It is tough because I know our defense is awful, but I couldn't pass up on some of the value I was seeing. What would you guys do in these situations. And for those of you pounding the table for a QB, the only one considered first round worthy in this area was Mac Jones