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Silver Minings; Support famous Raiders fan, The Violator

World renown fan is a nominee for the Ford Hall of Fans

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Raider Nation, one of your own may be heading to Canton.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced on Monday that Wayne “The Violator” Mabry is one of six fans in the NFL who is a nominee to be elected into the Ford Hall of Fans, which is part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You can learn more and vote here.

The Violator is one of the most famous Raiders fans in the world. He has been cheering for the team and greeting fellow fans at games for decades. If you’re a Raiders fan, the Violator is as memorable as Ken Stabler, Marcus Allen and Howie Long.

Mabry is a friend of this community and I reached out to him to offer congratulations and ask if he has any messages for the fan base and, yes, he did!

“Please help me get into the Ford Hall of Fans by casting your vote everyday until January 24th at Thanks,” he replied.

Best of luck, Violator.

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