Brady Warned You….

….Bosa warned you.

I warned you.

We all warned you about " that motherf%$#@& ", but you wanted to close your eyes, stick your head in the sand, and act as if we weren’t lucky to be 3-0. It’s almost like a gambler being told to quit while he’s ahead, so it sort of makes sense that this is all happening in LV, Nevada.

When I told you all that our offense was not a top 10 offense last season, a lot of you couldn't accept that. I told you the offense was 14th in the league in DVOA last season and closer to middle of the pack, and you fought relentlessly as if I had lied to you. You wanted to talk pre-historic statistics like points per game because it fit your silly narrative....when you knew full well that our offensive line was ranked in the bottom third of the league last season and our red zone offense was embarrassing to boot. Throw in the fact that we don't have some stud at QB....and how does any of that add up to a top 10 offense? A bottom third offensive line, a middle of the pack QB, and a terrible red zone offense? Clearly, some of you need math lessons, but something even better has happened this time....the defense has improved and in turn; exposed the offense. Fantastic.

And I won't claim to be the only one who's said this would happen. There were a couple other posters who predicted that these weaknesses on offense ( including the quarterback) would just become more pronounced with an improved defense. But as I've mentioned many times before, Derek Carr will not be taking a leap to a higher level with an inexpensive offensive line. Derek doesn’t have what it takes to lift those around him. It’s too much work for him. Not only is Derek an athletic guy that doesn't take pressure off of his offensive line with a willingness to use his mobility on a consistent basis ( nor is he willing to stand in the pocket and deliver in the eye of the storm consistently), but he's a survivalist out there. Yesterday, his first - near fumble - of the game came when he took one hand off the ball to try and catch himself as he was being slammed to the grass. Who cares about ball security when you’re being tackled, right? Wrong. Derek was lucky he was downed before losing the ball.

This is too tough a job for a guy who only loves football for it’s platform. And this is not a surprise. We know the story of Derek nearly retiring before taking a snap in the NFL. His love for the game has never truly been unconditional. He's literally told everyone that he’d quit football if he were ever traded. Does that seem like a person that loves football? Does that seem like a great competitor? No, that's more in line with a spoiled, little brother running to his room to pout about getting beat again.

Anyway, another wire to wire pounding. Except this time I don’t have to see any goobers running around, bragging about scoring 14 points in a game in which the opposition had a 21-0 lead before taking their foot off the gas. Nope, a 20-9 score pretty much takes care of the BS narrative about Derek being this guy that doesn’t quit....

There are those that are pointing the finger at Gruden, and that’s fine, too. Gruden obviously has his own issues right now, and we're all tired of him wasting premium draft picks. Gruden's done some good - turning in a decent offense with a guy like Derek leading it, turning around the defense this year, etc. - but he has to go, too, if the players can no longer trust him.

It's just pure embarrassment at this point. Mark and his tax issues hovering over the team....Gruden and his racist comments from 2011....Derek and his mediocrity. The holy trinity of embarrassment. If we could only do away with all of them....but I'm not greedy, I'll settle for two out of three. One would even be acceptable ( if it's Derek), but all three of these blockheads being a part of this organization after this season would be unacceptable. Either way, we cannot continue down this path with blockheads Derek and Gruden....

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