Has Gruden earned the right to stay ??

Have we improved that much since 2016 ? What's hard to explain is how we beat teams that are superior and lose to teams that are inferior. Are you satisfied with our drafting the last few years. Gruden & Mayock blew some first round picks and found some talent in latter rounds. I personally was a fan of Grudens hiring feeling he would bring back some much needed attitude. He has done some good things and also made some bad decisions. Many feel overhauling our offensive line was a killer. We are fielding a mediocre team at best with little consistency each week. Now we have the problem regarding his STUPID e-mail.. How much longer does he deserve ?

I ask Mark Davis, " do you feel you have received your moneys worth " If not, it's time for Gruden to walk the plank and fall into the Ocean to be seen no more.