Remember What Mark Davis Said....

Unforgettable, heavy, hard-hitting words from Mark there. Just goes to show that his patience was already wearing thin. He's tired of all the talk. Now, with Gruden gone - Derek's #1 supporter and the guy who spent so much time grooming him over the last 4 years - judgement turns to Derek. For all the talk of Derek having mastered the playbook and having full command of the offense - now - we're going to see just how much of a master he is. No more finger pointing when it comes to play-calling.

Anyway, that it had to happen this way is surely a sad turn of events....I don't think anyone ever thought Gruden would slink away in shame after just three full seasons, but MD has to make a great hire and find new leadership. Sucks for Gus Bradley, as he may not be in the cards for the new president.

What happens with Mayock? Does Mayock assume more power? I guess we throw Gruden's departure on top of the other handful of execs who resigned before the season. They have to be replaced and now we also need a new president of football operations since Gruden had two hats. Is Louis Riddick in line for a role as president of football operations?

Interesting days ahead. But surely, now more than ever, the Raiders are open to new leadership under center. A shocking turn of events after a 3-0 start, but also a chance to make lemonade.