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Silver Minings: Raiders’ playoff odds shrinking

Two-game losing skid hurt postseason chances

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Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After three weeks, the Las Vegas Raiders looked like they were a strong contender to make the playoffs for the first time in five years and for the second time in 19 years.

However, after back-to-back discouraging losses to the Los Angeles Chargers and Chicago Bears, Las Vegas’ chances of making the playoffs has taken a hit. According to the Football Outsiders, the Raiders’ chances of advancing to the postseason has dwindled to 33.7 percent with 12 games to remaining.

(Please note, Football Outsiders’ playoff odds were released before Jon Gruden resigned as head coach on Monday night.)

While the Raiders have not looked like a post-season contender in the past two weeks, I wouldn’t lose hope on this team yet and the season is far from over. Why?

  • It’s early.
  • The upcoming schedule is manageable.
  • Seven teams go to the playoffs from each conference and the AFC hasn’t been overly strong.

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