The Post-Gruden Trade Block

So who’s on the trade block with Gruden now gone? We all know that there are " Gruden guys " on the roster, and typically whenever there’s a shake up at the top of an organization it filters down into player personnel and there’s movement there, as well. Perhaps we won’t see any trades, so maybe the title of the thread should be " keepers " or whatever. We may just see some guys getting waived - like Incognito.

Incognito would be among those at the top of the list of guys who aren’t in the plans beyond this season. There has to be balance, though, as the new head coaching candidates are going to want a strong talent base to begin with.

I’ll rattle off a few guys to begin and you all can take it from there….

Waller - Obvious keeper. Best player on the team. Top 25 player in this league. Pay him when he asks for a new deal in the coming off-season. Keep him.

Maxx - 2nd best player on the team. 2nd coming of Jared Allen. Keeper. Pay him this coming off-season, as well.

Jacobs - #1 ranked RB under the age of 25, but not a position of emphasis. Status is - unclear or questionable - because of injuries and position. The combination of the price of his extension, and tax free LV money could send this situation in any direction.

Carr - Unlike the last time we switched head coaches, there’s no guaranteed money on the contract this time around and most new regimes look for their own leader when they’re not tied to the previous guy financially. Carr’s status moving forward is doubtful.

Ferrell - On the trade block. Don’t tell me about the discovery of Maxx making it OK for Ferrell to be picked 4th overall. We should have Brian Burns and Maxx.

Arnette - On the trade block. Nutcase, knucklehead….it all applies here. Never going to work in LV. We should have Trevon Diggs instead of Arnette.

Imagine if we had Brian Burns and Trevon Diggs to go with Maxx and Mullen....