Follow the $$$$$$

Welcome to Vegas, Nation.

How much was the money line for the Bears to win?

I knew it was a wrap when Waller got a freaking taunting penalty, for spiking the ball, at no one in particular, after making a rather mundane catch. Wasn't even a big gainer. Perfect timing for a penalty like that though, perfect momentum killing timing for a ticky-tack penalty.

Look, the guys over at Ethical Skeptic already have scientifically proven what most Raiders fans have known for awhile, that the refs are biased against the silver and black. No need to rehash but feel free to peruse the above link if you haven't seen the data before.

Sports journalism is all about the outrage, the condemnation of Gruden's character, just as the NFL wanted it be up in arms over. Let's cut to the chase- Who the fuck leaked this to the NYT, to be released Friday night, before a game on Sunday? Who approved the second round of leaks when the desired results of the first leak wasn't achieved?

The NFL. That's who.

Who let it ride when it was just about Gruden and his use of a racially insensitive comment? Why did it take the leak about Goodell to get out to make Gruden leave? Why won't any more emails be released? Would love to hear some of the shit old guys like Jerry Jones and other have said. My guess is that it would make what Gruden said look like some 3rd grade shit.