I took a week of the internet did I miss anything?

So to start I am/I was a huge Gruden fan. One of the few times this team did something that really pissed me off was when we traded Gruden away. So when we got him back I was stoked. Every year under him we saw improvement. Was it perfect hell no. But every year a part of this team was improved/fixed/upgraded whatever you want to call it. I really believe a monster was getting built.

I mentioned before I have a career in making TV. I was on tour with Kevin Hart for a couple months helping film "Kevin Hart Don't F$%K this up a his 6 Part Doc that tackled his anti gay comments that lost him the Oscars. I do have an issue with comments from a decade ago being dredged up.

Do I think Jon Gruden is a racist homophobe. I don't. But I do believe he came up in a world were calling someone a Fa$$ot to insult that person was 100% acceptable at one time. Gruden has about 10 years on me. But It was common place for friends to call each other fags or retarded in my youth. The insult was never meant to target an actual gay or disabled person. It was just meant to piss off your buddy.

This whole thing is a shit sandwich. But I do not believe Jon's heart is filled with hate. Its been said before Jon was trapped in the past. Sadly in this area that criticism is spot on. No room for that language in todays world. But I also feel you shouldn't apply todays standards to words said a decade ago.