Well, not to re-hash the Gruden story but as in every case, you have to look at "who will profit" from the events.

1) It seems that from all that we know about Mark Davis from the media, he definitely got a HUGE boost economically by getting out of Oakland with the help of investors and the NFL. He isn't anything like his father Al Davis, but more a person who will "work with" (acquiesce?) to those who just increased his holdings, i.e., a +billion dollar franchise. I think that the possibility exists that Davis and others decided that after three years of treading water and a 22-31 record as head coach, they needed a way to free themselves of the "Chucky Image" and even though it's a separate budget, get out of that foolish contract. What do you do? Go to the top of the NFL and say: "WTF can I do? I've been a good soldier since I took over the Raiders, give me a helping hand."

2) Gruden had the control over everything football player related, right? Mayock only was in the background as somewhat of a PR guy to clean-up the Gruden slop. All media and fans would love to know how much pressure Gruden used over his coaches and Mayock in order to get players he wanted in the draft as well as free agents essentially disregarding Mayock's opinions and staff as a afterthought.

Now, Mayock is riding the high horse and has full say - along with his staff - without the Gruden monkey on his back.

Of course, this is all 100% conjecture. Gruden was not a nice guy, but we all can imagine what other team owners, top executives, staff and coaches have in their e-mails. Can you imagine what went on pre-high tech???

Being a Raider fan since 1965 I'm hoping that this dark cloud will clear away and starting with a win over Denver, propel the team into a successful playoff run.

After all these years, Raider Nation deserves better.