What it means

No exaggeration, yesterday’s game against Denver was one of the most critical contests the Raiders have played in years. The outcome of that contest is huge, and there are so many reasons why, so many implications.

I’m not a good Xs and Os guy, I rely on you guys for the actual breakdowns, but I am not bad when it comes to evaluating the over-all picture. Here’s my take then.

The win yesterday has multiple ramifications for our Raiders, so many that I hardly know where to begin. But screw it, I’m going to try anyway. In no particular order then;

The Raiders just stopped their losing streak cold. This is great! Good teams hardly ever go on three game losing streaks… (come to think of it, even two game losing streaks suck for true contenders).

For a team supposedly in turmoil as the Media loved pointing out last week, it was great to see that this was simply not true. The Raiders rallied, focused, and took down Denver quite easily in their own house. While beating Denver, we also got to see something that had been missing in the Gruden era…a comfortable win. I can’t stress enough how impactful this type of victory is to the team’s confidence.

The horsewhipping administered to the Donkeys also showed us something about Olson. This guy is not bad, in fact, it looked like we had a 21st century offense…wow! Add to this how Coach Bradley had the defense playing, and our coordinators seem talented enough to get us to the playoffs.

The win now has us at 4-2 overall, 1-1 in the Division, and 4-1 in the AFC. Yes I know it’s early, lot of Football left, but these numbers are needed now if we hope to contend later. Add to this the fact that the Sparklers lost yesterday, (as well as other AFC playoff contenders), and it means the Raiders regained some lost ground.

The Raiders embarrassed the Donkeys, that alone is worthy of smiles. There is nothing like exposing those hay-munchers for the frauds that they are, and crushing their delusions. Sweet, sweet satisfaction!

This team had to show who they were this past Sunday, and they showed that while they aren’t perfect, they’re a damn good football team with quite a bit of talent and heart, led by some pretty competent coaches, the future isn’t gloom and doom.

So while I’m happier than a pig in mud today, I’m looking to our guys, and hoping they now focus everything on plucking the Eagles next. Nothing would be more soothing than heading into our bye at 5-2. And you know what? It’s totally realistic!

Congratulations to the coaches and team, you’ve made us damn proud this week, well done!