Random thoughts on the victory

A few thoughts:

1) It was very noticeable when Maxx was in the game or on the sidelines. Sacks, balls batted down. When the time comes, we MUST pay the man.

2) O-line did surprisingly well against a carniverous Broncos D. Not too many driveocide penalties. A tape guy will hopefully break it down further. Improving and gelling with experience.

3) Ruggs is the real deal. Not just a twinkle-toed speed guy but he comes down with contested balls and, for a slight guy, is not easily pummelled off his game

4) Gratifying to see that we do not depend solely on Renfrow and Waller, great though they are. 8 different receivers today

5) Kenyan? I'll take an hors d'oeuvre of Pâté de crow, an entrée of filet de crow, a dessert of crow sorbet and finally monsieur, a waffer thin crow mint.

6) Josh had some nice spin moves to avoid losses in the backfield, but nothing particularly spectacular. However, short yardage runs wear down their D with the return on investment coming later in the game.

7) DC did very well. He did comment on how early the plays came in.

8) Ruggs made the point that Olsen simplified things on Offense slightly.

9) Bryan had that memorable one-handed catch which went some way to sealing the deal. Muffed the onside kick a bit though.

10) Their crowd was into it. We need that in Vegas.

11) Crucial victory to get the train back on the tracks

12) Margin of victory flattered the Broncos. Total yards were surprisingly even at 420 each. Didn't feel like it watching the game.They got some yards in Bilgewater time.

13) Facyson stepped up as Amik seemed to shrink even further before our eyes.

14) D-line was in Teddy's face all day, but there were a few slashing runs.

15) All starts up front and we dominated on both sides of the ball.

16) A big takeway was the takeaways.

17) A turbulent, rapid-cycling manic depressive week ends with the Lithium of a dubya.

18) No let up now as we need to pluck the Eagles and shrink the Giants.