Week 6 Musings...

The 34-24 score made this game look much closer than it actually ever was. A few thoughts:

1) I would like to see our defense close that game out 34-17. That should have never been a 10-point game. Gotta have that killer instinct to shut them down.

2) Again, we see conservative play calling with a little over 2 minutes left in the ballgame up by 17 points... Put the nail in the coffin when you're up by that much and score another TD!

3) Bryan Edwards looked like Timmy Brown on that one-handed catch.

4) Ruggs showed his insane ability to control his body on not only one but two underthrown balls by Carr. This kid is special.

5) Casey Hayward is the truth. Seems like every game he has a huge PBU or tackle that sparks the team.

6) O-Line actually looked somewhat competent today... Sans two boneheaded penalties by Leatherwood.

7) Abram and Moehring are a fun duo to watch - They are playing with a lot of control and I like the way that Abram has settled down and still brings the thunder, but under control.

8) Hobbs came up with another big tackle and an, almost, INT again. He was a real steal. I have to believe these later round picks are Mayock guys and not Gru picks...

9) Solomon Thomas... Total reclaimation project and I'm loving what I'm seeing from him. That FF was punched out with ferocity.

10) MAD MAXX!!! What else can I say about this man? We're watching a legend made right before our eyes.

Other thoughts from fellow Nation brethren?

Forever loyal to the ONE and ONLY Nation...

Snake Stabler