THE DARK SIDE: "You know, no matter how much we fought, I’ve always hated watching you leave."

Happy Tuesday Raider Nation!

Whew! Let it be known: The tragic Week from Hell is OVER! We faced adversity, turmoil and defeat and came up Aces high!!! JACKPOT BABY!

I’m glad I got to spend some time with my Mother while watching one of the biggest games of the year. The Force is always with her, especially when she buys me my favorite Pizza(: Thank you, madre!!! I love you!

After Sunday was all said and done, I honestly tried to imagine what Jon Gruden’s last words to the team were. He must of known he’d be speaking to the team one final time. I could only imagine it was something real, motivational, inspiring and positive. He also must of put in a good word for Coach Rich Bisaccia, our new Head Coach that took over the reigns. Whatever it was? The team responded and responded well! We were more than effective on Defense and did things on Offense we haven’t done in a very long time. Congratulations, Coach Bisaccia! 1-0 is a great way to start our new Season!

This was the hardest week in which negativity stuck to the the Raiders like Grogu to Mando and Coach Rich still found a way to win..


When the team heard the news, most were surprised, but for some like me? "Here we go again…"

"In this business, there’s always crazy things going on, especially with the Raiders," said Crosby, laughing. "There’s no mistake about it, ever since I got here, there’s always things going on. "

My BFF buddy Master Chad and I agreed with Crosby's statement. We lived passed an emotional move, the craziest/idiotic of all Receivers and now past a Football icon in only a few short years.. and we still remain as die hards of the Raider Nation.

"At the end of the day, it’s a crazy league," Crosby said.

HOLY SMOKES! Did anyone notice the Raiders scored on their FIRST DRIVE! This hasn’t been done all Season!!!!

"It just shows that we know what we have to do and we’re going to accomplish it," Henry Ruggs said. "Just to go out and start fast like that just put us on the right foot to play the entire game and gave us the energy we needed." Scoring on the first series has been a big team goal for 5 straight Weeks. We finally got over the hump! "We pretty much know what we gotta do," Ruggs said. "We know we have to start fast. It hasn’t happened, but we just needed to step up and give us that spark."

Derek Carr was also joyful grabbing a win after such dire circumstances from the previous days.

"Proud of where we’re at and glad for our organization to get a win," Carr said. "We needed a win bad this week. Sometimes when you get punched in the gut, it’s hard to bounce back. But we were able to do it."
He also mentioned it’s not only one man that makes the Team, but many…
"We still have our room of leaders, and more now than ever we had to step up and be a voice," Carr said. "If anything, what this did, for sure, is brought us closer."

That’s all you can ever ask for. After the Coaches direction and guidance, it’s up to the players to move forward and motivate themselves.

"We just wanted to kind of stay together. Block the outside noise out." said running back Kenyan Drake, who had a phenomenal game with 73 all purpose yards and 2 TDs that no one saw coming. Do I have him on my Fantasy team!?! DAMNATION! You’re still my most valuable Sith Lord!
"I just try to make the most of my opportunities," he said after the game. "Whenever my number is called, whether it’s in the return game, pass game, running game. I’m here to make plays." He is the first Raiders player with a rushing and receiving touchdown in the same game since Darren McFadden in 2011.
"He (Drake) just capitalized when he was in there more than us just saying we need to get him the ball," Carr said. "We kind of just see schematically what’s going to be good for us." That wheel route catch TD was simply amazing. He practically flew in the End Zone.
It was an excellent throw by Carr as well. He must of been wearing the right shoes. Before the game, he changed to Henry Ruggs’ model Adidas WS2 sneakers. "I didn’t know what the weather had been like, but I knew I’d try out a certain pair," he said. "I didn’t feel like I wanted to wear those, so I came back in to put some other ones on." Let it be known, the Force guided him to these magic shoes! The Lord of the Sith says "KEEP ROCKING THE WINNERS!" 341 yards with 2 TDs is a great day, DC!

Coach Bisaccia also thought the preparation before Sunday was the main key to victory.
"I think a week of practice was good for everybody," Bisaccia said. "It was emotional for all of us. But the guys were able to put it all in perspective when it came time to go to work. It’s still a job."
And the job was done well!!!
"We’ll see what kind of consistency we get from this going forward. That will be the challenge for all of us." I’m sure it wasn’t easy picking up the pieces as a new Coach, but I’m glad his biggest concern was adjusting his new Headset. "There was a button when I wanted to talk, a button when I wanted to (think) by myself," Bisaccia said. "Back in the day, when I wore a headset, we didn’t have all those buttons."
Damn you Bose speakers!! Send the Stormtroopers to company HQ!

Players were also happy Rich Bisaccia grabbed his first W as HC.

"I can’t say enough good things about (Bisaccia)," said defensive end Maxx Crosby, who was brilliant with three sacks, six tackles and five quarterback hits. "I’m just happy we got the win for him. We came out here, we wanted to get the win for Coach Rich. We wanted to go out there and play great football. I feel like we did that."
Coach Rich also mentioned he had a great team of Coaches to back him up that helped hm gather this great win.
"I think the unique thing about all those men from my perspective is they have no personal agenda. They have no ego," Bisaccia said. "They understand it’s a collective, and I think that’s what makes the players at ease a little bit to understand we’re all really trying to do this thing together."
Coach Cable, Coach Bradley and Coach Marinelli all have previous Head Coaching experience and will used as Rich’s directional guides as the Season moves forward. "I’m a part of the team and to go on the road and play a rival like the Denver Broncos in their home and come out with a win was exciting for all of us," he said Monday. "It helps us move forward and on to Philadelphia."
Brilliant! He is already thinking of next Sunday! Jon "Chucky" Gruden would of been proud!

I’m sure our former Coach is also proud of the way our Defense performed last Sunday! The D line was OUTSTANDING! The team had a total of 5 sacks!!..Most of them were caused by the BIGS!

"(The pass rushers have) given us a little bit of an identity up front of what it’s supposed to look like from walkthrough, to meeting, to practice now into the game," Las Vegas interim coach Rich Bisaccia said Monday. "They feed off of each other. I think it’s a good identity for us as we go forward on defense."

Coach revealed how these moments usually come in packs so I’m excited for the up and coming Weeks!

"Not only do the sacks come in bunches, but the turnovers come in bunches," Bisaccia added. "We went a few weeks without a turnover and all of a sudden we come up plus-4 in the category."
When you’re named gets called during the Press Conferences? You know you’re doing something right..
"Getting Yannick (Ngakoue) and certainly getting Q (Quinton Jefferson) and Solomon (Thomas) — they’re a great group together. We’re just building off of what we had to some degree," Bisaccia said. "Those guys have added not only a veteran dimension, but a size and a quickness and an urgency to practice and an urgency in meetings."
Hell...we’ve known Mad Maxx and Yannick have been causing havoc for ur opponents for Weeks…I just love hearing about them every game.

"If you’ve ever seen Maxx and Yannick, it’s like a constant competition about who’s going to get back there first," Bisaccia said
"They do it throughout the game. They do it throughout practice."
Wow, really!?!?! Lord help our O-Linemen!
Honestly? Maybe our D Linemen just might be the new identity of the 2021 Raiders. We’ll see...
"I feel like we’ve been rushing really well; we just haven’t finished," Crosby said. "Today, we finished. We got to the quarterback consistently. I can’t say enough about Quinton Jefferson, Solomon Thomas, Yannick — all those guys played a big part in me getting to the quarterback."

Crosby’s three sacks has recently tied a career high. He also has has five this season. Maxx also felt the coverage was spectacular and meshed well with Defense as a whole.

"I feel like the rush and the coverage met — we married it up," he said. "We consistently got after the quarterback from the start of the game. Once we knock out the run, we knew they had to pass."
Coach also noticed the new players stepping up big when the team really needed it.
"(Facyson) did a good job in the kicking game and had a good week of practice, plus he has a little bit of length out there for us at corner, and we thought that showed up today," Bisaccia said. "Then (Damion) Square had a really good week of practice. I thought looking on the sideline he gave us great push."

A big shout out goes to Cory Littleton who had 7 tackles, 4 assists and help on a sack! Way to improve!
Kudos to Jon Abrams with 7.2 tackles w/ ONE INT!
Denzel Perryman is also still killing it w/ 5+ tackles Weekly! (6-5 assists this Week)
A humongous GRACIAS goes to Solomon Thomas for the forced fumble! Thank you stupid 49ers!!! lol
Great job Travon Moehrig on grabbing your FIRST NFL PICK!

Coach Gruden did have one statement regarding the Team’s new direction. He recently text a reporter..

"Go Raiders"



YAHOO! So glad you stopped by Raider Nation! I’ll see you all next Week as I write a summary on the Philadelphia Eagles game! We must stay aggressive! We must stay on point! We must remain in the winning column! Let’s make Jalen Hurts HURT like Luke did after I cut off his throwing hand! I’m wishing you all a great Week and nothing but the best, Nation!

I’d also like to wish my great friends Tony and Fay Mai a HEFTY congratulations on their Wedding I attended this Week! You both make a lovely couple!!!

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