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Silver and Black Pride’s Week 7 NFL Game Picks

Our staff and community make weekly game picks across the league

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles
Raiders Eagles 2017
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As things heat up for the Las Vegas Raiders season, so does our writers and fan community 2021 NFL Season Pick ‘Em challenge at Silver and Black Pride.

Here are the Week 7 odds from our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook. (The Raiders are three-point favorites this week against the Eagles, with an over/under of 49 for the game, according to DraftKings Sportsbook).

After a total of 94 possible contests, here are the writer’s standing:

  1. Matt Holder 62-32-0 (66%)
  2. Bill Williamson 60-34-0 (64%)
  3. BD Williams 55-39-0 (59%)
  4. Marcus Johnson 54-40-0 (57%)

It was a pretty good showing for me last week as I went 10-4, while Bill, BD and Marcus were all 9-5, so I’m holding Bill off for a little longer. Meanwhile, Marcus and BD continue to battle it out for last place.

Fan Community Leaderboard

Wall so Hard still has the lead but PHX Raider and Mocakes made big jumps from seventh place to second after a huge 13-1 week. We now have a four-way tie for second place and ColoRaider isn’t far behind with 67 total points. Everyone in the Top 10 is within four points of each other and destroying all of the writers.

Overall Leaders

  1. Wall so Hard 70-24
  2. PHX Raider 68-26
  3. Mocakes 68-26
  4. Ren Hoek 68-26
  5. LivingLegnd 68-26
  6. ColoRaider 67-27
  7. Harvey Williams’ Neck 66-28
  8. RaiderBorn 66-28
  9. Raider Roy 66-28
  10. SacBomber03 66-28

Weekly Leaders

  1. PHX Raider 13
  2. Mocakes 13
  3. rdesai711 12
  4. Harvey Williams’ Neck 12
  5. Young Jeezy 12
  6. Bay Bombers 12
  7. Portugee Raider 12
  8. Wall so Hard 12