It's a crapshoot.
Watson is far and away a better talent than Carr, but criminal and civil litigation is going to be a major, big-time problem.

With Carr having only two years left, the Raiders could mortgage draft picks and specific players to get a game-changing QB that would be signed for at least a 10-year contract.

2022 and maybe 2023 would be affected, but you'd have Carr for 1 year, and you can go with Mariota as well until Watson is ready to get playing. He'll have tons of time to learn the playbook, right?

Mike Tomlin would be a upgraded hire and since coaches salaries are a separate budget, the bean-counters and Raider contract attorneys would be working 24/7 to make those two come aboard.

If I were Mark Davis, I'd get my advisors in the huddle faster than you can say "HIKE" and get Watson and Tomlin signed.

I think Raider Nation would be chomping on the bit to be contenders again.