Elway - Not - Asleep at the Wheel: Denver Currently at the Table for Deshaun Watson

So it seems as though my last piece was a hit. Spin-off, anyone? I mean, why not build off of it with Ian Rapoport's report from this morning?

As Rapoport noted, and as I mentioned in the previous piece - based on Texans' insider John McClain's reporting - Deshaun Watson is expected to be eligible to play if traded. It is not expected that he will be put on the commissioner's exempt list because the league doesn't want to forego the personal conduct policy again, and go down the road of punishing a player when he's yet to be criminally charged with anything.

In the last piece I noted that the Dolphins, Eagles and Panthers were at the table and interested in swinging big for Watson - assertive owners competing for a winning lotto ticket. Well, with Broncos' owner Pat Bowlen dying just a couple years ago, Elway is the Broncos' top man in charge of these sorts of controversial opportunities these days - and it sounds as though he's in on Watson and wants to win, too. An oversight of mine from the previous thread and admittedly, a pretty big one.

Because it was one thing for an old rival like the Miami Dolphins to potentially get their hands on Watson and solidify themselves in the playoff picture beyond this season. But if Watson lands with the Broncos - a team that's already reportedly gotten the thumbs up from Watson ( given his no-trade clause) - there's a chance that we're going to be facing 3 top 5 quarterbacks for the next 10 seasons. That's 6 division games a year, staring down the barrel of matching up with three elite quarterbacks who all have winning records against Derek Carr....

Al wouldn't sit back and just let the Raiders be buried like this. Given Denver's presence in these talks and their standing with Watson, things just got a hell of a lot more interesting for Mark. We're obviously never winning the Super Bowl with a used Carr that'll probably be in decline in a couple years, seeing as how he's going on 31 years old and nothing special. This Watson/trade saga has now essentially entered the 3rd down phase. And with that said, it may be time to call on 3rd and Renfrow for some clutch recruiting....