Is Josh to fragile for NFL and your feelings on Prevent Defense

Always happy to see us win and last 2 weeks were great. I suspect prevent defense was made to use in certain situations. I'm not sure its good to play for an entire quarter. If were clicking and scoring as we have for the last 2 games why stop and try to protect a lead? This team seems to favor protecting a lead instead of increasing it. Ive seen many post where fans have asked " keep the pedal to the metal " yet we choose to go into a prevent defense that allows opponents to score and give Raider fan's heartburn. Conservative play calling will allow and give hope to your opponents and eventually cost us a game.

I luv me some Josh Jacobs and when he's well he's dangerous. My biggest concern is if he's big enough to handle a few running and passing plays with out being hurt. Eagles game shows that Josh and Drake can be a real problem for a Defense. However you have to be available to make an impact. Maybe they decided to pull Josh to not risk further injury since we seemed to have control of the game. However his injuries have become a concern.

We look and play like a different team these last 2 weeks and many props to all Coach's and players. Lets get real healthy and use this bye to become even more dangerous. Players & Coach's need to remember " On any given Sunday" a team can surprise.