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SBP Week 5 NFL Game Picks

Silver and Black Pride staff and community make weekly game picks

NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Derek Carr, Khalil MackKirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another week of game action coming at you. The fans and the writers square off to see who can predict the outcome of NFL games. Here are the Week 4 NFL betting odds from our friends at Draft Kings.

So far the writer’s standing are as follow:

Matt Holder 43-21-0 (67%)

Bill Williamson 39-25-0 (61%)

Marcus Johnson 36-28-0 (56%)

BD Williams 36-28-0 (56%)

Matt holds onto his lead despite a down week that brought his correct pick percentage down to 67%. Bill remains steady with a 61% correct pick percentage and moves up to 2nd place. Marcus and BD meanwhile are vying just not to be last.

Fan Community Leaderboard

The fan community continues continues to amass a sizeable lead on the writers. Ever set of picks in the top 8 either meets or bests Matt’s total of 43 correct picks. Wall so Hard maintains his lead but LivingLegnd is breathing down his neck.

Overall Leaders

  1. Wall so Hard 46-18
  2. LivingLegnd 45-19
  3. Mocakes 44-20
  4. Viroa 44-20
  5. Ren Hoek 44-20
  6. Raiderfan35 43-21
  7. ColoRaider 43-21
  8. RaiderBorn 43-21

Weekly Leaders

  1. Bad garth 12
  2. Mocakes 11
  3. Silver & Black Pride 11
  4. Raiderfan35 11
  5. NYQ 11
  6. jdg3 11
  7. L.A.Raider 11
  8. Viroa 11
  9. SacBomber03 11
  10. LivingLegnd 11