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Silver Minings: Khalil Mack says playing against Raiders is “different”

Mack weighed in on playing his former team

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Oakland Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Khalil Mack
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Maybe it’s just blind optimism by myself and several other members of Raider Nation, but it feels like Khalil Mack’s potential return to the Las Vegas Raiders feels like it’s picking up steam. Well...I guess just his return to the Raiders since he didn’t quite make it to Las Vegas.

Over the summer, reports were that Jon Gruden picked up the phone to see if he could make a trade with Chicago to forge a reunion, but he was swiftly denied. Then this week, Mack was asked about how different this Sunday’s matchup against his former team is and said:

“I mean, it’s different in a sense. Because you understand the fanbase and what it means to me, especially. So it’s gonna be fun to get a chance to play in front of Raider Nation out there.”

Well, Khalil, if you think playing in front of Raider Nation is fun, why don’t we make that happen more often?

Of course, it’s probably more of a pipe dream at this point and Las Vegas doesn’t really need an edge defender with the emergence of Maxx Crosby and Yannick Ngakoue, but then again, I’m sure Gus Bradley could figure out a way to make it work. I don’t know many coaches that wouldn’t love to have a perennial All-Pro at their disposal, so I’m sure he’d be up for the “challenge”.

For the time being, the Silver and Black will just have to focus on how to keep Mack contain on Sunday. They have a blueprint seeing as the Raiders were able to keep Derek Carr clean and beat the Bears 24-21 back in 2019, the only time the organization has had to face its former employee.

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