Who Else Would You Have Rather Than Carr?

I keep hearing Carr fans blame everyone else besides him. I hear "It's a team game", or "who would you replace him with?"

At this point, it's time to reset and draft a QB. Don't care if it's late 1st round, 2nd, or 3rd.

What has Carr done to prove that he can lead a franchise to the playoffs.....losing record....horrible in the red zone....needs perfect protection in order to complete passes.

He's reached his ceiling people. Carr is who he is. He's not a franchise QB. He's middle tier at best. Everyone is screaming how he's a top 10 QB now because of his statistics........same people saying, "It's not Carr's fault, it's a team game!" We are 5-3. Not bad, but looking at it from a realistic point of view, it looks like gold to us Raider fans because it's been RARE that we have been above .500 this far into a season. And for those years we have, we have endured huge meltdowns 2nd half of the season...with Carr as our QB.

He has 13 TD passes to 7 INTs so far. He's been sacked 18 times. But we are only averaging 24.5 ppg. The 13 TD passes, the amount of times sacked, and the 24.5 ppg when looking at rankings are all middle of the pack amongst teams and QBs. And that is exactly what Carr is, as stated earlier.

I can't argue that Carr has won games for this team, both this year and throughout his career. But he hasn't won more than he's lost.

There isn't a single team in the NFL that has a perfect roster, but still teams win the Super Bowl. The way most of the Carr supporters sound, the only way we will ever win a SB is if we have a perfect roster...since it's just a team game and the QB has no impact apparently.

Face it. Carr has had plenty of opportunities and the team hasn't gone anywhere. Why not take a chance on another QB and see what that gets us. The worst that will happen is he will lose more than he wins......but, so does Carr.

Whats the difference???