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Raiders Podcast: TDL review vs the Giants

TDL reviews everything that went down with the Loss to the Giants

Las Vegas Raiders v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Raider nation is reeling after the Las Vegas Raiders loss to the New York Giants 23-16. People are calling for Greg Olson's and Derek Carr's heads after one bad red-zone performance.

Where did it go wrong? Was it just Derek Carr, or was it the receivers? we review that and view other topics with the TDL crew

Hunter Renfrow-Renfrow is emerging as one the best route runners in the NFL. TDL goes over his unorthodox route running and how It can make Carr late at times

Andre James- Andre James is getting a lot of buzz with his PFF grade. However, is it warranted or bad grading? We take a look at his progress.

Raiders run defense struggles-Our special guest Matt Holder goes over everything about the struggles with the run defense.

Make sure to check it out below, and also don't forget to check us out on youtube for the visuals. I hope you enjoy it!