Let's be honest, were we really surprised?

I'm sorry but we learned nothing that the fans already knew.

And really, did we really learn anything new?

We shouldn't have been and we should have known:

That this coaching staff is never going to outcoach Reid. Gruden could have but he's gone. While he may accused of being overly conservative, he can draw up creative plays with the best of 'em.

That the outside dump off to the RB with no defender within 10 yds was there for the taking for the last 3 games and Gus still allowed that gift horse all night for Mahomes to happily take.

That Kelce must be bumped and not allowed a free run...he killed us again by being allowed an unimpeded get off time and time again.

That Raiders interior OL was going to suck against Chris Jones playing inside.

That everyone knows that losing Ruggs meant losing much more than just another receiver. DC's and Bisc's presser after the Giants game down playing this was just BS....

Gruden had modelled, built and drafted our offence to mirror the Chiefs.. a legit deep threat and a monster TE to give DC every chance to complete chunk plays and force the opposing D to pick their poison. Without Ruggs, the Chiefs will double cover Waller and happily let the rest of our receivers go one on one knowing there is no real deep threat. Without Ruggs, the D had an extra defender available also to cover the dump off so the chunk plays that Mahomes got from the dump offs wasn't there for DC.

That KC has a great interior Oline and the success of the Raiders pass rush was largely based on the interior Dline penetrating and flushing the opposing QB to Maxx and Yannick. With no interior Dline penetration, the effectiveness of the edge rushers would be severely diminished.

That if they leave Kelce or any TE one on one to block Crosby, it will be a designed late hitter to that TE. The first time this happened, it was obvious this was Reid's game plan to neutralise Maxx after what he did to them last year at Arrowhead . You think that would not have been on Reid's mind for a whole year in designing protection plans for Mahomes? He had a whole year to scheme this up and sure enuff KC was allowed to pull this off again and again with no counter. WTF Bradley???

That DC is a competent but not great QB and especially so when he struggles with so many weapons at his disposal. Yes our Oline sucks but where were the schemed quick hitters that Reid had designed for Mahomes?

And this brings me to my pet peeve since 2017.


Do we even have scramble drills? With Renfrow as shifty as he is and Waller's abilities, there is no reason why DC when forced outside the pocket 99% of the time still throws it OB.

I remember in '16 when DC had great effectiveness improvising outside the pocket to Crabs and Seth but that's all but gone since then. Why why why?? He has much better receivers now who can ad lib to get open in a pinch, why not use them???

And this brings up a sacrilegious thought... would the Texans have bit if we offered our 2 first rounders last year for Deshaun Watson? DW will salivate at the thought of improvising with the quality of our receivers here, Ruggs or no Ruggs.

Pounds fists on head and pounds head on wall. The lot of a Raider fan.