To all Carr Supporters

I have been called names and mocked by fans on this blog for my takes on Derek Carr as our QB. I don't mind!

I have read every excuse in the book from Raiders fans on why Carr should be our QB going forward. I don't mind.

But here is what I do mind.....The Raiders are 52-67 with Carr....One winning record in 7 seasons.

I have been down on Carr for years now, because he isn't producing wins. Carr fans will be quick to point out he has had below mediocre rosters to work with. But then will crown him king for getting wins with that same mediocre roster. What it comes down to is Carr supporters will blame everyone but Carr.

I'm not a Carr supporter, but I don't put 100% blame on him. Yeah the team has been dysfunctional for years now. Coaching changes, issues outside of football, etc.

But throughout the years, the one common factor that every struggling team has when it comes to turning the franchise around, is that they find a franchise QB. Once that happens the organization as a whole become stable, which leads to long coaching tenures, stable front office, and free agents wanting to sign with the organization.

There has been none of that with Carr as our QB. Tether that with his record and as much as Carr is a good guy, it shows without a doubt that he is not the answer.

I'm not saying that replacing him right now, or next year, is going o turn around the franchise. I'm simply trying to state that if we aren't winning with him, what is the worst outcome by moving on from him? We continue to be a losing team? Well, you have to weigh the risk and reward of the move. Stick with him and see if he can some how turn it all around in his 8th-9th season and we start winning games? If not, we are a below .500 team. Maybe moving off from Carr will also keep us below .500. The reward however, is that we find the QB of the future and the organization is able to move on from the last 18 plus years of messiness.

Now I know you will say, who are we going to get to replace him? It doesn't have to be a superstar. It could be a bridge QB that fills in until we find our prospect. That will free up millions with Carr off the roster, in which you can use to hopefully strengthen the roster. I wouldn't even mind if we drafted a QB in the early rounds of this draft and kept Mariotta around to fill the gap while someone develops. If we don't like any QB from this draft, use the bridge QB and wait until an opportunity presents itself and we get someone we like. Whats the worst that can happen? We remain a below .500 team in the meantime?