Let's argue some more:)

Ok, argument is that Carr needs a new Oline, Defense, true #1 WR, Head coach, OC, GM, Owner, and a partridge in a pear tree. Let's add up the number of bodies Carr needs then.

Oline - RT, RG, C, LG = 4 players

Defense - 2 CBs, DT, LB, SS? = 4 possibly 5 players (2 CBs b/c Hayward is old and we need depth behind Mullen and Hobbs; SS? b/c maybe Abrams is the answer and maybe he isn't yet and we don't know what Gillespie will do until next year)

WR1 - 1WR#1 = 1 player

Head Coach - 1 = 1 HC

OC - 1 = 1 OC

GM - 1 = 1 GM

Owner - 1 = 1 Owner

Partridge in a pear tree - 1 = WTF is a partridge anyway? Oh, it's a bird! War Partridge = War Pigeon! Yess! definitely need one of those:)

Ok, enough clowning around. Realistically we are talking GM, HC, OC, and the players for Carr to win, right? Ok, so that's 3 leadership folks, and 9-10 players by my count for a total of 12-13 people that Carr needs to win for the Carrboy argument.

Next, let's look at the other side of the argument. The Raiders need a QB to win. That's all. Of course we will GET some other bodies, but as currently constructed the argument is the need for a QB. Just one.

So, the question is, is it easier to find 1 guy, a QB, or 12-13 guys players and team leadership in all? If you say, it's harder to find the QB b/c you just can't find a QB like that, then you invalidate your argument FOR Carr being good b/c he isn't showing us that he is good on the field with what we have or have had for 7.5+ years now. If you say it's harder to find all the other guys b/c there are so many that you have to hit on then you admit that Carr isn't that good b/c he needs sooooo many people just to get him to win.

Either way, Carrboys, you lose. The Raiders lose with Carr, and we need a new QB. The end! LOL. Go Raiders!